Top 5 Places to Visit in Southern Spain

From sandy beaches flanked by crystal-clear waters to cities steeped in centuries of vibrant culture and history, southern Spain has a magical appeal that never fails to draw visitors from around the world. From avatars flocking for sun, sea, sand and sangria to fun loving city dwellers looking for an exciting array of activities – southern Spain truly offers something special for everyone! Here we will explore 5 must visit places across this captivating corner of the globe. Come along on a virtual journey as we uncover some true sunny gems. Ready? Let’s go!


Granada is a city of incredible beauty and immense history. From the Alhambra Palace, to the narrow cobble-streets filled with delightful cafés, there is something for every traveler. With its vibrant atmosphere, Granada has long been one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. A stay in Granada allows travelers to explore this stunning city from the inside out – marvel at spectacular monuments from different civilizations, hear stories about its turbulent past, and of course indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine! Take a visit to truly immerse yourself in all that Granada has to offer!


Set in the picturesque Andalusia region of Spain, Seville is a vibrant city that boasts a unique combination of art, history, and culture. Rich with flamenco dancers, horse-drawn carriages, cobbled streets, and hidden alleyways, this sprawling city sparks the imagination at every turn. Visitors to Seville should visit the ancient Alcázar Palace to experience the Moorish grandeur. As night falls the lively tapas bars and taverns come alive with locals dining al fresco alongside local street performers swaying to guitar music. Boasting world-class museums housing traditional artwork as well as fascinating neighborhoods depicting its disparate influences, Seville is more than just an interesting destination; it is an experience in itself.


Nestled in the south of Spain, Cadiz has a coastline unlike any other. With its stunning beaches and unique coastal towns, this region of the country is a paradise for anyone who loves the ocean. The city itself impressed visitors with its vibrant culture, many historical monuments, and beautiful plazas that you can explore while sipping coffee or eating delicious local treats. Once you venture beyond the city limits to visit one of Cadiz’s other towns or villages, you’ll be delighted by spectacular mountain views, a strong connection to nature, and friendly locals eager to share their stories with travelers. This region must be experienced to be appreciated, so don’t wait! Plan your trip to Cadiz soon.


Malaga is a Spanish city located in the southern region of the country. Its location provides visitors with an abundance of sunshine and the chance to enjoy beautiful Mediterranean beaches with cultural places of interest nearby. When visiting Malaga, it’s impossible to miss its abundance of historical landmarks starting from the Alcazaba fortress at its center, taking a stroll through its fertile fields and orange orchards, or even visiting Pablo Picasso’s birthplace. Beyond enjoying the wonderful climate and beaches, one can marvel at attractions like La Catedral de la Encarnacion and Castillo de Gibralfaro, not to mention their proud tapas tradition that should not be missed! All in all, Malaga is an unforgettable destination for the perfect holiday full of new experiences.


Ronda is a picturesque Spanish city located in the stunning Serranía de Ronda mountain range. Known for its quaint old town, which stands atop a gorge with spectacular views of the valley below, Ronda has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Andalusia. Its many streets are lined with whitewashed buildings featuring wrought-iron balconies, and plenty of vintage shops, cafes and galleries that bring to life the area’s vibrant history. The oldest quarter, El Mercadillo, is particularly charming, with its traditional churches and cobbled streets – perfect for an afternoon stroll. From not only admiring its splendid architecture but also experiencing its lively patio culture, to tasting delicious regional gastronomy and exploring some of Spain’s largest vineyards nearby – there’s something unique awaiting visitors at every corner in Ronda.

A trip to Spain is incomplete without visiting its southern cities. From the majestic world-renowned Alhambra palace in Granada, to the vibrant and beautiful Seville, the bustling harbor of Cadiz, sun-kissed beaches of Malaga and quaint whitewashed streets of Ronda – each of these cities will leave you with lasting memories. So next time you’re looking for an adventurous escape that’s sure to take your breath away, look no further. Whether it be a two week holiday or a month long stay, you can be sure to be mesmerized by the beauty, culture and history that Southern Spain has in store.