Top 5 Places to Visit in Northern Spain

Northern Spain is one of the most unique and beautiful destinations in the world. From lush Mediterranean forests to towering mountain peaks, this region offers something for everyone and can be explored by all ages and interests. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure or a history buff wanting to learn more about European culture, Northern Spain has something special that awaits you. In this blog post, we’ll explore five of the top places to visit in Northern Spain so you can start planning your perfect vacation today!


Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a city full of history and amazing sights. The Plaza Mayor, built in the 16th century, is a beautiful square with rustic arcaded balconies, elegant statues and decorative fountains. Monuments like the UNESCO World Heritage Site Royal Palace make it possible for visitors to uncover stories from eras long gone by. But Madrid has more than just ancient attractions; shoppers can visit boutiques everywhere from Chueca to Salamanca, while partygoers can spend nights hitting up some of Europe’s most vivid bars and clubs. With diverse cultural experiences and its vibrancy, Madrid’s energy pulls people in resulting in the city staying vibrant day or night.


Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It draws millions of tourists per year to its incredible art, architecture, and culture. From the majestic La Sagrada Familia to the playful Park Guell, visitors can explore iconic landmarks created by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi throughout the city. Stroll through famous Las Ramblas or take in a soccer game at Camp Nou; whatever your interest, Barcelona has something for everyone. Foodies will delight in traditional Catalan dishes such as Pan con Tomate and Escalivada, while nightlife lovers rave about Barcelona’s thriving music scene. Home to world-renowned clubs like Pacha and Opium Mar, there is no shortage of fun activities to enjoy when visiting Barcelona.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian, located in the Basque Country of northern Spain, is a must-see destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and culture of this diverse country. Located along the Mediterranean Sea, San Sebastian features stunning sunsets, with many locals and tourists enjoying the beaches in the evening to take in the gorgeous views. The city also boasts a unique mix of old-world charm and modern architecture. From sampling amazing local cuisine such as the famous pinchos restaurants, to exploring fascinating landmarks such as Monte Igueldo or Monte Urgull park, San Sebastian offers something for everyone. Whether it’s a romantic getaway for two or an adventure for a family, this Spanish gem should not be missed!


Galicia is an autonomous region located in the northwest of Spain. It is bordered by Portugal to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and Asturias and Castilla y León to the east. With its lush green pastures, breathtaking coastal scenery, delicious food and wine, friendly locals and ancient culture, this region is fast becoming one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. From the fortified medieval cities of Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña to the beautiful sandy beaches along the Costa da Morte, there is something for everyone. Tourists can also explore cultural treasures like palaces in Pontevedra or take part in festivals throughout the year like Las Samprendidas in Ourense. Galicia truly has something for everyone; visitors are sure to have an unforgettable time here!

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela has long been a place of spiritual significance for pilgrims, who have flocked to the city for centuries in search of religious enlightenment. Situated in the northwest corner of Spain’s Galicia region, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a spectacular array of traditional architecture and stunning landscapes. Boasting everything from ancient cathedrals and historical monuments to quaint cobblestone streets and verdant parks, Santiago de Compostela provides something truly special for all its visitors. Religious or not, it is easy to recognize why people from all over make their pilgrimage to this remarkable destination.

From the bustle and culture of Madrid to the hidden gems of Galicia, Spain is full of fascinating destinations. Although there are many places to explore in this unique country, a visit to Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Galicia and Santiago de Compostela will provide an unforgettable experience full of flavor and adventure. No matter your budget or individual interests, these cities offer something for everyone. Rich in history and customs, they are sure to capture your heart and keep you coming back for more. With their delicious food, friendly locals and awe-inspiring sites, these cities make the perfect destination for a trip that’s sure to create lasting memories.